3 Reasons to conduct a Systems and Network Audit

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In today’s highly connected world, your IT infrastructure is integral to the success of your business. Systems and networks are in place to increase productivity and efficiency, so it is essential they run optimally. Over time, this infrastructure slowly outgrows the initial structure set in place years, perhaps even months ago. Your needs and operating capabilities also change while technology also advances, often creating vulnerabilities on yesterday’s secure systems. Compliance, security, digital transformation, and business scalability also begin to factor on challenges faced by an IT department. This is where a Systems and Network Audit can assist businesses.

A Systems and Network Audit will assess the IT infrastructure of a business. The audit will identify security risks, hardware & software frailties, and network capacity issues among other critical points. The level of understanding provided by a Systems and Network Audit gives decision makers comprehensive oversight into their IT infrastructure and data to make important decisions to improve performance, avert risks, control costs and take a proactive approach to managing technology.

We will look at 3 reasons to conduct a Systems and Network Audit:

Improve productivity

Ensuring IT and network infrastructure is stable and running at optimal levels will contribute to the output and performance of a business. Making sure the correct, working tools are available to staff allows them to focus on their tasks at hand. If the hardware, software, and network are all working as intended, lost hours due to troubleshooting and navigating extended downtimes can be avoided by identifying potential issues and preparing for them. A regular Systems and Network Audit is a beneficial way to control your IT infrastructure.

Take control

A comprehensive audit will come with detailed information on the infrastructure of your systems and networks. This data is invaluable to IT departments who are consistently challenged to provide a return on technology investment. Identifying strong-performing aspects of a system or any bottlenecks will help improve the overall performance of a business. Furthermore, knowing specific information such as upgrading the memory on a machine, can lead to significant performance boosts and would also be a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

Be prepared for tomorrow

The knowledge and recommendations provided by an audit allows key decision makers to make informed, data driven decisions to manage and take control of their IT infrastructure. This proactive approach, identifying areas for improvement and maintenance, often works out to be more cost-effective than taking a reactive, problem-solving approach. For example, discovering seldom-used machines require security patches and applying them will be better than giving malicious parties a back door into a system.

How can systemsGo help?

Our expert teams can conduct a comprehensive Systems and Network Audit to help you take proactive control of your IT infrastructure. We will examine your hardware, software, network and identify the steps towards a compliant, ready and productive system. Our Managed Services teams regularly audit systems and networks for our clients and make informed recommendations. Our team also extends our Systems and Network Audit service to interested parties as well.

Take a proactive approach to your IT. Our team is ready to discuss, today.