4 Cyber Security Trends in 2022

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The increasingly online nature of our lives has been amplified by the on-going global pandemic. Our society is increasingly connected through rapid digitisation – many workers continue to work from home and individuals interact through a variety of online channels.

The integral nature of digital platforms has unfortunately, paved the way for malicious opportunists and both businesses and individuals need to remain alert to threats posed by such parties. The importance of cyber security is not new, however, with advancements in safeguards to threats, malicious parties are also constantly adapting and finding new exploits.

Let’s examine 4 Cyber Security Trends in 2022:

Proactive approach

Equipped with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful, predictive models, businesses are taking on a proactive approach to their cyber security. Significant investments are being made towards AI-powered protective measures, as data accumulated over time has increased the accuracy of AI to identify threats through irregular patterns of behaviour, among other things.

A report from the Capgemini Research Institute surveying over 850 senior executives in IT security roles (in seven sectors across 10 countries), has found that the majority agree that AI is essential in cyber security. In fact, two-thirds consider it essential as threats cannot be identified with artificial intelligence.

Talent recruitment and retention

The ability to identify vulnerabilities and/or navigate an attack is a skill in-demand. Security analysts need to constantly adapt to and stay ahead of malicious parties. At the same time, retaining this talent is critical. Cases of insider activity, sometimes driven by former employees or contractors, are occurring.

Government effort

Around the world, governments are ramping up their effort in cyber security. This is becoming evident with regulatory bodies increasing their influence and exerting control. Penalties may be extended from covering breach and loss, to also covering vulnerabilities and exposure to potential damage.

The political climate in 2022 also reflects the priority governments are putting on cyber security. The economical and financial fallout of any cyber attack can be substantial, leading authorities towards stringent measures and penalties.

IoT breaches

The increasing adoption of technologies such a 5G and uses of constantly-connected “Internet of Things” provides an attacker with an ideal platform for malicious behaviour. Service providers will need to ensure risk assessments are taken, architecture is up-to-date and security mechanisms are deployed.

What can we do to be cyber secure in 2022?

Awareness and buy-in from key-decision makers is an ideal first step towards any security plan. A strategy and risk-assessment are also simple ways to start.

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