Cutting-Edge AV Solutions for Seamless Communication and Corporate Success

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Innovative AV (audio-visual) solutions help your team perform at its best.

Working with an experienced AV and UC (Unified Communications) team will empower your organization to:

  • Collaborate and engage with teams and clients seamlessly
  • Create easy-to-use hybrid workspaces
  • Host clients and guests with state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms

At systemsGo, we work closely with clients to ensure our solutions meet their communication needs inside and outside the office. Our ongoing AV support services enable clients to focus confidently on daily operations.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s AV needs.

Success Stories

Enhancing Functionality with Aesthetics

Our client needed help using the video wall in their reception area. It was limited to a single video source and layout. As a leading investment firm, bringing out the screen’s full potential would create a vibrant, inviting space for guests and clients.

Our team proactively presented the client with several upgrade options while further improving the space’s design and style. As a result of this successfully completed project, our client now enjoys a state-of-the-art reception area.

Seamless Communication with Global Standards

With a global presence, our law firm client faced different issues with their existing cloud-based video conferencing system. systemsGo quickly identified the need to install standardized meeting rooms with BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) capabilities. 

Our team also resolved display issues, efficiently troubleshooting and working with the manufacturers.

Today, our client experiences a video conference system which enable end-to-end quality communication with internal and external parties.

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