Don’t Let A Slow Wi-Fi Network Stall Your Business

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How reliable is your company’s Wi-Fi? Even if your network seems to be working, are you experiencing:

  • Intermittent drop outs
  • Integration issues
  • User dissatisfaction

We understand that every IT manager’s top priority is a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network. A Wi-Fi survey will assess, analyze, and troubleshoot potential network challenges.

Findings from a survey will also create options for office layouts and relocations.

systemsGo has successfully designed and implemented customized solutions for our clients’ networks to be:

  • Scalable and future-ready for seamless IoT integration
  • Flexible and mobile for remote work, enhancing employee satisfaction
  • Versatile, optimizing coverage in difficult or compromising work areas

Contact us to discuss your organization’s Wi-Fi connectivity needs.

Success Stories

Faster Network Handling Business Demands

Connectivity issues can create more than just frustration.

Our client experienced work disruption, resulting in decreased productivity.

systemsGo implemented and delivered a solution with a comprehensive Wi-Fi survey resulting in:

  • An optimised network
  • Successful hardware upgrades
  • Efficient Wi-Fi Access Point adjustments in compromised locations

The significant network improvements for our client have resulted in seamless operations, faster communication, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Robust Connectivity for Workforce Expansion

Our cloud-based software client faced complicated Wi-Fi issues, including:

  • Frequent network dropouts
  • Slow connections
  • Significant dead zones

With over 1,500 employees, these disruptions affected the organisation’s cloud-based applications and data analytics.

  • New access points
  • Proper channel allocation
  • Improved and high-performance bandwidth

Our client now benefits from a secure, scalable network that allows them to expand their services and workforce.