Improve your Wi-Fi

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Today, there is no question that we are reliant on wireless networks (WLAN) for our connectivity needs. Speed and signal strength are more powerful than ever before, while support for critical enterprise applications and converged communication applications have created unparalleled expectations for WLAN availability and performance.
systemsGo has assessed and implemented numerous WLAN solutions from device refreshes to complete reevaluation for a wide range of clients as they look to take advantage of the advances in technology. From working to improve existing solutions, to installing new networks, our observations are concrete – ensuring optimal deployment through strategic assessments coupled with updated hardware and software delivers many benefits:
  • Improved power and performance for real-time applications such as IP telephony or video-conferencing
  • Industry best practices ensure greater compatibility and efficiency
  • Increased strength due to adjustments for environmental changes that did not exist at the time of the original implementation
  • Enhanced security with up-to-date software and hardware to ensure piece of mind
  • Lower than average operational costs, because they are easier to troubleshoot, maintain and operate
  • Updated, detailed documentation means locations of components are known and easier to obtain and maintain
Is your Wi-Fi deployed correctly? systemsGo can help.
A wireless local area network assessment from systemsGo is a way for enterprises to leverage our extensive experience in WLANs and WLAN management. systemsGo can help ensure that networks are performing at their highest levels and are ready to support new applications and the ever‐growing number of client devices in the workplace ‐ while allowing IT staff to focus on other operational and strategic initiatives.
systemsGo utilizes tools, such as the industry leading Ekahau products, to understand the unique WLAN needs of our clients and provide a WLAN assessment that is appropriate to their particular requirement to ensure our clients’ wireless networks are ready for new applications and device growth.
Talk to one of our IT consultants and to take the next step to improving the efficiency and power of your Wi-Fi.
(First published October 17, 2019. Last updated December 1, 2021)