Integrating AV & IT Systems to Optimize Your Offices and Corporate Spaces

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Modern audiovisual (AV) systems have become deeply intertwined with IT infrastructure. With the progression of new technological developments, the increasingly tight integration between AV and IT has resulted in ease of use for AV controls.

With AV and IT integration now the norm in the modern business environments, you can control all AV equipment, including microphones, speakers, projectors, video conferencing systems, and digital signage, of an office via a single user interface, accessible from any laptop connected to the system. Effective AV/IT systems integration can ensure seamless control from conference room setups to meeting room systems.

Pitfalls in AV System Setups

With today’s AV systems so reliant on internet connectivity, AV system setups not properly integrated with a company’s IT system can result in a myriad of technical issues, impacting business performance.

For video, common problems that arise include intermittent video streaming during conference calls, pixelated video from bandwidth throttling, or even just a complete lack of video. For audio, these issues come in the form of intermittent audio during calls, low-bitrate audio causing unintelligibility, or a complete lack of audio.

Aside from connection problems, poorly planned AV setups also result in lost productivity and lower work performance. For example, inconsistent conference room setups within an organization, caused by a mixture of unintegrated conference systems, can result in longer setup times and increase the likelihood of technical issues occurring.

Security and Compliance Considerations for AV/IT Integrated Solutions

Implementing an integrated AV/IT system can be challenging for an organization. The fast pace of technological development in the industry, along with the large amounts of moving parts require businesses to keep up to date with the latest best practises. By choosing the right AV solution provider, businesses save on the high cost of setup and planning, while benefiting from AV/IT setup and integration with industry best practises, mitigating IT risks and technical issues.

The adoption of UC in the IT industry has resulted in data security becoming increasingly crucial, as all data pass through a centralized system. With the increasing integration of AV and IT, these security concerns now must be addressed early on in AV/IT setup. In some countries such as China, with China’s new data privacy laws, multinational companies doing business in China must ensure their AV/IT integrated systems are compliant with China’s new cybersecurity regulations.

systemsGo AV/IT System Integration Solution

Unified Communications (UC) has become the standard model for communications systems across organizations in the modern business environment. Under the modern UC model, a successful business meeting can’t take place without a proper AV setup. However, different service providers create different user experiences. With a streamlined audiovisual control and integration system now a core part of business operations, having an experienced AV/IT integrator setting up your AV/IT system ensures system cohesion.

With over 25 years of experience providing AV and IT solutions in the Asia Pacific region, systemsGo offers AV/IT integration solutions ranging from system design, integration, maintenance, to event AV support. Unlike traditional AV systems integrators, systemsGo is a one-stop solution for both AV and IT setup, helping simplify the tech setup of businesses.

systemsGo’s AV/IT integration solution leverages integration of leading AV equipment providers such as QSC, Logitech, Barco, and Shure with IT equipment providers such as Cisco to ensure the highest quality integrated AV/IT system setups. In addition, systemsGo helps to implement workspace digital signage solutions, meeting room systems, and upgrades of legacy conference room technology to streamline day-to-day business operations. To help companies transitioning to work from home (WFH) model or just to update their communications systems, systemsGo helps businesses migrate their communications systems to Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

As an AV/IT system integrator with extensive experience, systemsGo’s certified in-house AV/IT consultancy teams lend their know-how in localised solutions to create AV/IT integrated systems tailor-made for the needs of your business. We have  multi-lingual teams throughout the Asia Pacific region, who can provide AV/IT solutions that are tailored to the local infrastructure and compliant with  local rules without compromising  system performance and quality.

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