Providing Scalability and Security for Your IT Assets in Asia Pacific Region

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Effective IT asset management is critical for businesses to optimize their IT investments while keeping an accurate inventory of ownership and location. You can entrust systemsGo for IT infrastructure and systems with our team of experts in the Asia Pacific region.

Our IT asset management services are tailored to your organization, with solutions offering:

• Scalability to meet evolving office and staff changes
• Cost control on your IT assets, maximizing ROI
• Local IT expertise and support throughout APAC
• High-end IT solutions in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural capacity
• Reliable end-to-end services, from procurement to delivery and ongoing IT support

Providing Scalability In An Evolving Office Environment

Our client, a dynamic media intelligence platform faced challenges in managing IT assets across their satellite offices in Asia due to limited resources and frequent staff changes.
With a solid regional presence, systemsGo successfully delivered a scalable IT asset management and deployment solution across seven countries.
Our expertise enabled the client to capture an accurate evaluation of their assets, resulting in efficient cost control.

Timely and Efficient IT Infrastructure Delivery

Our US pharmaceutical client faced difficulties opening their Japan office due to a lack of in-house IT support. Also, strict security policies from headquarters required a 7-hour process to set up devices. Our client engaged our IT support team for its expertise and multi-lingual capabilities. We provided reliable consultation services and ongoing assistance for their project, resulting in stability and security for their new Japan office and the delivery of its IT and AV infrastructure. We have now become a reliable partner of our client, helping them scale as their organization expands.