Accountant and Office Manager

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Accountant and Office Manager


The role of the Accountant and Office Manager for systemsGo Singapore is the accounting representative for the Singapore entity.

The Accountant will be responsible for the accuracy and timely entry of information into the general ledger for the entity. This includes but not limited to, day to day transactions, bank and other balance sheet reconciliations, payroll processing, day to day cashflow management, payment processing and approvals, internal controls and process improvement.

They will also be responsible for compliance – liaising with local tax authorities and compliance Accountants to ensure the local entity stays compliant with tax laws and any other compliance requirements.

The Accountant will work closely with the entity General manager to ensure the General manager has the necessary information they require to execute on the strategy of the business. They will also support the group CFO with information requirements, and work within the broader accounting team across the group to progress group projects like system implementations, system improvements, process controls and improvements and other projects that may be outside the scope of their entity responsibilities.

Requirements and Attributes

  • The Accountant will be required to have tertiary education in accounting.
  • At least 3 years experience as an Accountant within another organization.
  • An understanding of the compliance requirements related to the entities within their responsibility – including payroll, tax and other company law requirements
  • Excellent Excel skills
  • Good English skills – written and spoken
  • Experience with large scale general ledger systems. NetSuite knowledge is preferred but not required.
  • Ability to self motivate and work alone, and also in virtual teams.
  • Good people management skills



  • Ensure the daily entry of transactions is done accurately and on a timely basis.
  • Manage the AR function including timely invoicing, approval of credit, cash collections
  • Manage the AP function including process review to ensure appropriate authorizations in place for vendor invoices processing, vendor management and payment identification, payment processing via internet banking or other payment methods.
  • Bank reconciliations – preferably daily, but weekly at a minimum across all cash accounts held by the business. This may extend to PayPal or other merchant payment options.
  • Cashflow management and forecasting. On a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Ensuring cash inflows and outflows are monitored and forecast, providing transparency to other stakeholders on the cash position of the business over different timeframes, identifying cash issues and working with the CFO on solutions.
  • Creation of appropriate management journals to reflect accrual accounting principles – including revenue recognition, prepayments and accruals, and intercompany journals.
  • Efficient closing of the month end information each month. Including P&L in line with accrual accounting requirements, balance sheet supported by balance sheet reconciliations etc.
  • Overseeing the processing of payroll to ensure it is accurate, compliant and efficiently processed.
  • Process control and improvement. Ensuring the resources of the organization are safeguarded, transactions flow smoothly within the organization and that transactions are processed efficiently and effectively.
  • Systems maintenance and improvements. Ensuring the general ledger, timesheet systems, purchase order systems, sales pipeline systems are maintained and working efficiently and effectively.
  • Involvement with operational forecasting as required
  • Management of accounting and general admin staff as appropriate.
  • Provision of information to General managers to assist them in the execution of business strategy
  • Working with Tax Accountants and local tax authorities to ensure the entity is compliant with local tax and company law requirements.
  • Treasury functions – including liaising with local banks for provision of appropriate bank accounts and debt facilities including credit cards, loans etc.
  • Plus any other actions required by the General manager or CFO that relate to the improvement of the accounting function within the entity or the group, or that has benefit to the entity in general.
  • Ensure workplace safety
  • Office/Facilities Management by establishing the SOP on Work Accident/Injury insurance plan, IT networks Procurement, Office Access Control, Mobile Phone, Stationary supplies, business travels & expense system and other logistics and emergency supports
  • Assisting with Company Event Arrangements

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