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6 IT items to check before moving office

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With experience in assisting organisation relocations, systemsGo has created a checklist of 6 tasks that will help make moving office seamless and efficient.

When should my business upgrade to Windows 11?

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Consumers have been using Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11 for months now. What about businesses? When should my business upgrade to Windows 11?

Golden Week 2022 (Japan)

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In today’s highly connected world, your IT infrastructure is integral to the success of your business. Systems and networks are in place to increase productivity and efficiency, so it is essential they run optimally. Over time, this infrastructure slowly outgrows the initial structure set in place years, perhaps even months ago.

Key Considerations for Wireless Network Design

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Wireless connectivity is not only important in our personal lives, but for business productivity as well. Designing a functional, yet robust Wi-Fi network has become an essential part of IT operations.

When introducing a wireless infrastructure into your network, understanding your environment and business needs is essential step towards a successful implementation.

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