1998 Tokyo
2006 Osaka
2008 Hong Kong
2010 Shanghai
2011 Singapore
2015 Beijing
2015 Sydney
2017 Taipei
2021 Delhi
The future More to come

systemsGo was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1998 as a way to serve the special IT needs of foreign multinational businesses operating in Tokyo.

Successfully designing and delivering IT solutions for an ever-growing industry paved the way for systemsGo to expand throughout the country and subsequently, the region.

The first branch office of systemsGo opened in Osaka, Japan in 2006, marking the first office expansion for the company.

The second office location allowed systemsGo to work even closer to clients and partners, as well as expand its footprint in Japan.

The first systemsGo office outside of Japan opened in 2008, in Hong Kong. This was a significant step for regional expansion.

The opening of a branch in the Chinese market allowed systemsGo to rapidly develop its network and portfolio.

In 2010, systemsGo opened its first office in mainland China in Shanghai. The successful opening affirmed the expansion into a rapidly growing part of the region.

systemsGo continued to expand its increasing network with presence in four of the largest centres in the East-Asia region.

systemsGo Singapore opened in 2011, marking the office expansion to South East Asia and the third location outside of the Japan headquarters.

A regional hub, Singapore helped enable systemsGo to grow its reach to new heights, infusing more expertise and expanding the service delivery areas even further.

The next office opened in 2015 in Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China. This occured thanks to a growth in activity in the area.

At this point, systemsGo now had six offices across six of the largest cities in Asia. The regional network continued to develop and thrive.

The next major expansion for systemsGo occured in the same year. systemsGo Australia was founded in 2015, in Sydney.

This was a significant step in the Asia-Pacific regional growth as systemsGo was now providing its expertise across a vast region.

The next expansion for systemsGo, a branch office in Taipei opened in 2017. In time for the 20th anniversary of systemsGo, this gave the company its eigth office.

A location known for its strength in IT resources, Taipei further enhanced the regional strength of systemsGo.

systemsGo India, based in Delhi, is the most recent addition to the office locations for systemsGo.The office opened in late 2021.

A move into the subcontinent has allowed systemsGo to increase its regional network to new locations, providing clients a greater service with more resources and delivery locations.

systemsGo is now in over 16 countries, continuing to grow and provide IT services and solutions for clients and partners, new and existing.

The industry continues to evolve and systemsGo will continue to be striving for excellence and quality.