Career Success

Peter from systemsGo will
take you through his journey of
success at systemsGo.

My career at systemsGo began as a Project Manager for infrastructure projects. Based in Shanghai, China, I had focused mainly on local projects and wanted to develop my skills on a broader, international scale while working with global clients.

Since joining systemsGo over 10 years ago, I have progressively expanded management positions from heading the China office to being the Greater China and Singapore Manager. In these roles, it’s been a privilege helping streamline the processes for our regional IT help desk and multi-currency IT procurement services.

These experiences have enriched my career and geared me toward my latest role as COO.

Exciting Global Opportunities

Working with global clients means our team constantly collaborate with people from all around the world in different time zones and diverse cultures.

There are fantastic opportunities for international travel, working with global clients. Also, with offices in major cities throughout the Asia Pacific region, an inter-company transfer is a potential option for staff members looking to relocate.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Working remotely, I’m incredibly fortunate to work with a great team that continuously checks in on everyone’s schedule, making sure we are well-aligned with each other. Team communication is critical, and it is proven to be the backbone to our success, particularly during restrictive and challenging times.

We encourage a work-life balance lifestyle, always mindful of the team’s circumstances and workload. Since working at systemsGo, I have improved my work efficiencies while finding more personal time.

Mutual Team Respect

Every team member has many excellent individual skills and comes from a unique cultural background. We’re always keen to learn from each other, constantly sharing ideas on improving and striving for excellence.

If you’re a highly-motivated and proactive, systemsGo will offer fantastic career advancement. We are team players who are happy to go beyond our job roles to achieve team success. I welcome anyone who has the same values to join us.